Feel your pain, stress and muscle tension melt away with a massage from one of our trained beauty professionals. Chan Wela offers quality service that will have you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.

Massages are viewed as a way to relax, but there are many health benefits including reducing chronic pain, and helping your arteries stay healthy by increasing blood flow. Book your massage today and start pampering your body.

Foot Massage R200 30mins

Soothe your aching tired feet after a long day of work. Your therapist has knowledge of the various pressure points to improve circulation, lower blood pressure and alleviates symptoms of migraines.

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage R250 30mins | R350 45 mins

Feel the stress of your day melt away as your massage therapist uses various targeted techniques to release tension from your back, neck and shoulders.

Hot Stone Massage R500 60mins | R690 90mins

Traditional Swedish massage enhanced by warm stone therapy. Our professional therapists use smooth warm stones to warm your muscles and induce a comforting form of relaxation.

Full Body Massage Swedish R490 60mins | R650 90mins

This classic stress relieving massage uses a medium pressure technique and alternates between gliding and kneading to promote your circulation and over-all sense of calm and peace.

Indian Head Massage R200 30mins

Enjoy this seated treatment which focuses on your head, neck and shoulders. Feel your tension melt away as your circulation is boosted. Your sinus problems will ease thanks to drainage techniques and pressure point stimulation.

Deep Tissue Massage R500 60mins | R690 90mins

Book this deep pressure massage and enjoy skilful hand movements which are focused on your stressed muscles to unlock tension and relieve pain. This is an ideal pre or post-workout massage.

Aromatherapy R500 60mins | R690 90mins

This treatment uses holistic methods to improve your mind, body, and spirit. This treatment enhances your physical and mental wellbeing.

Add On:

Hot Stone R80

Specialized Treatments:

Sport Massage (Subject to therapist availability)    R550 60mins | R720 90mins

The manipulation of soft tissues to benefit a person engaged in regular physical activity and to assist with post operation and injury rehab. The specialized techniques can also be effectively used for office workers who suffer from sitting for prolonged periods.

Reflexology (Subject to therapist availability)    R350 45mins | (Packages available)

A long-term maintenance treatment that restores homeostasis in the body. Excellent for stress relief, immunity and general wellbeing. Includes Oriental Diagnosis and Meridian Therapy.