Enjoy beautifully sculpted eyebrows and long luscious lashes with low maintenance to enhance your natural beauty.

Lash extensions are softer on your natural lashes unlike mascara and eyelash curlers. Your beauty regime will be shorter in the mornings and you can play around with different looks for events. Maintain your brows the easy way by booking an appointment with a Chan Wela beauty specialist.

Half Set Lash R90 – R250

Lash enhancement to the outer 2/3 of your eyes. Customize the length of the lashes to blend into your natural lashes.

Lashes Full Set R475

Lash extensions are used to create a variety of effects for dramatic or natural enhancement. Your technician will advise you on the thickness, length and curl best suited to your face and eye shape.

2 Week Lash Fill R300

Give your old lashes new life with an enhancing fill.

Lash Tint R80

Enhance your lashes with a semi-permanent tint. Enjoy the convenience and elegance of defined eyelashes with or without mascara.

Brow Tint R75

Enhance your natural eyebrows with a semi-permanent tint. Your brows will look darker and more defined.

Lash and Brow Tint R150

Enjoy darker, defined brows and lashes with this semi-permanent tint.