Enjoy beautifully sculpted eyebrows and long luscious lashes with low maintenance to enhance your natural beauty.

Lash extensions are softer on your natural lashes unlike mascara and eyelash curlers. Your beauty regime will be shorter in the mornings and you can play around with different looks for events. Maintain your brows the easy way by booking an appointment with a Chan Wela beauty specialist. From having a brow tint, to beautiful lushes lashes, spend a little me time at Century City.

Waxing & Tints

Eyebrow tint 20 min | R75

Eyelash tint 20 min | R80

Eyebrow and lash tint 30 min | R150

Eyebrow and lash tint (including wax) 30 min | R170

Eyelash Lift & Lash Extension treatments (Subject to Therapist availability):

Eyelash Lift 60 min | R350

Eyelash Lift and Tint 75 min | R400

Eyelash Lift with eyebrow and lash tint 75 min | R450

Eyelash Lift with eyebrow and lash tint (including wax) 75 min | R500

Full Set Lash Extensions (Single) 120 min | R700

On Own Work:

1 Week Fill 30 min | R250

Single 30 min | R250

2 Weeks Fill (Half Set) 60 min | R450

Single 60 min | R450

3 Weeks Fill 90 min | R550

Single 90 min | R550

4 Weeks Fill (Full Set) 120 min | R700

Single 120 min | R700