Enjoy smoother skin for longer with professional waxing treatments done by trained beauty therapists at Chan Wela Beauty & Wellness.

Waxing not only prolongs hair growth but also prevents ingrown hairs. Waxing involves removing the hair from the root, including dead skin cells giving you a silky smooth and burn free finish that you can enjoy for weeks.

Whilst we can’t promise your waxing will be pain free, our skilled beauty therapists (with the aid of numbing cream) make every effort to make your treatment as pleasant as possible.

Brow/Lip/Chin per area 10 min | R80

Bikini Wax 30 min | R160

Brazilian 45 min | R230

Hollywood Ladies 60 min | R290

Under Arm 15 min | R95

Half Arm Wax 30 min | R95

Full Arm Wax Ladies 45 min | R140

Half Leg Wax Ladies 30 min | R160

Three Quarter Leg Wax 45 min | R200

Full Leg Wax Ladies 45 min | R230

Half Leg Wax Men 45 min | R240

Full Leg Wax Men 60 min | R450

Upper Chest/Shoulders 30 min | R200

Men Full Chest/Back 60 min | R320

Cheeks Men 15 min | R85

Cheeks Ladies 15 min | R65

Stomach 20 min | R150

Face Wax Ladies 45 min | R350

Bikini Men 20 min | R180