Ever wondered how your favourite celebrity maintains their gorgeous aesthetic? Yes, we know, most of them are genetically blessed beings that have a million stylists helping them to look angelic, but luckily some of them have decided to share their best hair care tips & tricks. So saddle in and get ready for the best hair advice that you wish you’d heard of sooner…

Don’t freak out- it’s just a hair cut

The short haired queen Ruby Rose

“It grows back, and you can wear wigs if you need to”

Feel like a shorter cut? Channel your inner Ruby Rose and don’t be afraid for those big hair moves.


Braid it!

The millennial Oprah herself, Cleo Wade

“My one curly-hair trick that always works is after my shower, I keep my hair in braids for a few hours before leaving the house. It helps lock in the moisture from my conditioner. A lot of my friends with straight hair do it too, actually.”

Keep that moisture locked in by popping your hair in a braid. This works perfectly if you want to skip the heat damage from the curling iron and want to keep your locks more natural. Make sure to French braid your fringe to keep it from frizzing up.

hair care tips

Wash Weekly

Our African beauty, Nomzamo Mbatha

“It is a myth that washing your hair less often leads to more growth. Regular washing stimulates the scalp, while going long intervals without washing causes build-up, which clogs pores and prevents growth. So wash weekly,”

This tip speaks true for natural hair. Sebum, which is the natural oil that the scalp produces, takes longer to travel down natural hair than straight hair. This mean that frequent washes will most definitely strip your hair from its much-needed oils.


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