7 Foods to Eat for a Clearer Complexion

Ever crave a chocolatey, guilty pleasure and notice a break-out a day later? They were right; you are what you eat. Although a proper daily skincare routine can help you prevent spots, maintaining a nutritious diet is key for a clearer complexion. Check some of our favourite foods that help keep our complexions clear.


Oily fish like tuna and salmon contain a type of B vitamin that can help produce fatty acids, called biotin. Biotin acts as your body’s natural moisturiser and can help reduce dry or “scaly” looking skin. Perfect excuse for a sushi date? We think yes!

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Orange Juice

Even though orange juice is quite acidic, it’s rich in vitamin C and doubles as an antioxidant. Adding more of it to your diet can protect your skin from damage caused by the environment. It’s also an amazing source of collagen, the main structural protein of skin.

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Probably our favourite, these nuts are packed with vitamin E that helps protect your skin from the sun. Note: chomping on these does not mean you can ditch the sunscreen! Try using Cellular Sun Protection SPF 50 for added protection.

Chia Seeds

They’re not called superfoods for nothing! Chia seeds help produce omega 3 that protects skin cell membranes and provides them with moisture. Not a fan of chia? Oily fish and walnuts are rich in omega 3 too. Also take a look at investing in Night Collagen by QMS Medi Cosmetics to enhance skin cell metabolism.

Complex Carbs

White flour and processed food is the enemy. Substitute acne-inducing carbs with more complex carbs like beans, quinoa, barley and brown rice. Play it safe by eating carbs that are lower on the glycaemic index. Struggling with a bad breakout? Book a Sensitive Skin Rebalance Treatment to leave your skin calm and comfortable.

Sunflower Seeds

Similar to almonds, these are great source of vitamin E that can help protect your skin from sun damage. Try adding these to your summer salads and incorporate them into your diet.

Sweet Potatoes

Delicious and super healthy, deeply-coloured vegetables like carrots and sweet potatoes can help enhance your skin colour. Not only do they help you avoid looking pale, but they also help keep your skin hydrated. Contact us for an Activator Treatment if you prefer a spa alternative.

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